How to harvest marijuana seeds

A question from a fellow grower:

I am getting ready to harvest a seed plant. Is there anything special to look for before I pull the plant? Can I pick some seeds to see if they will pop?
Should I dry it just like a sinsemilla?

CLAIRElILGM…Will here…I to have two ladies ready for harvest but they have no seeds i’em not sure about the flushing…you see I did a test on both of them and the high was awesome and I don’t to lose it and so I really don’t want to flush for two more weeks and so I to have question out there for them. Here is a pic of the two ladies that are ready for harvest.
Good luck with your grow and if it’s ok with you i’ll keep in touch with you.


It is not hard to harvest seeds. Cut the plants down. Hang all stems on a wire, and let them dry in a room with ventilation. Dry completely. There is no need to adjst them.

Another way is to cut plant and stems into managble size and place inside a clean brown papaer bag or cardboard box.

Either way; You need to store either isn a cool dry place. Peace :slight_smile:

Latewood, will a seed plant still have some thc in it? I realize that it uses a lot of its energy to produce the seeds but was wondering about the thc content. Thanks

Back in the day, all we used to smoke was bagweed that included seeds in the buds. The THC content was a lot less than Sinsemilla, but it still had an effect. Not as high or as long.

Yeah I thought of that after I posted my question. And the weed back then wasn’t nearly as potent as these strains are.

Of course. Although this is not what you strive for; Mature females with seeds, will still yield usable Marijuana. :slight_smile:

Nothing wrong with asking! Peace.lw

will pollinating 2 lower branches for seeds affect the thc content of the rest of the plant?

It should not affect the rest of the plant much, not any more than having those lower branches, maybe not getting as much light as the tops, take away from the tops’ total development.

thanks, I was thinking about the THC content in the rest of the plant, will that be affected. thanks again

I am talking about the THC development as well. It shouldn’t really affect the other buds that don’t get pollen much at all.