How to harvest for dummies lol

White widow number 2 a lot denser then the first and smells amazing


Looking good man!


Agree, looks very nice. Congrats :+1::metal::beers:


Ok going tomorrow to get new medium to grow new babies. They don’t carry coat of main what should my next option be? Anything I gotta mix in with it? Going to have two 5 gallon bucket girls how much is needed

@ChittyChittyBangin @Diezel89 what about big roots? Ever heard of it they are out of happy frog :person_facepalming:

Never heard of that.

Do they have coast of Maine Stonington blend?

Or fox farm strawberry fields? (I have never used this but heard good things)


You can get coast of main thru Amazon, I’ve looked into trying that soil too :metal::beers:


Maybe this is a good thread to post this question. It’s kind of a hypothetical…

Let’s say a drying box is built with a small circ fan and a filtered exhaust fan, and an Inkbird is used to keep the box in the 58-62% RH range, with low 70’s ambient temps in the house.

So besides being a little warm, this sounds like decent drying conditions, and is also the ideal curing conditions, so why exactly are we stuffing buds into jars only to open them up to let them breathe? Or putting them in Grove bags for that matter… I mean for long term storage, sure, but isn’t the drying conditions the same as the curing conditions? Is it just for concentrated aroma or something? I feel like I’m missing a step in my thinking here…

Basically, it’s not so much about leaving them in a box running fans all the time, but what’s the rush to get them in a curing container? It just seems like as long as the conditions are such, what’s wrong with leaving them in there for say, a month?

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You have an awesome

reveg candidate

Too bad she’s in the compost pile lol. Re-vegging isn’t something I have looked into much. Is it shorter than starting from a new seed?


NO, However using available space with calendar timing, provides management with unique opportunities. I had to leave home for June, and some July. Nobody for tending garden indoors or out. So I had to harvest my spring grow (early) and used stripped plants for re-veging (second time trying re-veg since learning from @noddykitty1 ).
End result, early harvest was disappointing.
All plants were stripped and relocated outside, then abandoned.
Shockingly, they all are growing well for FREE.
No growth from May-July, but 4 ft now., and flowering, outside.
Unique opportunity, Harvest mother, strip & reveg, store somewhere, and two month later,
be ready for filling tent.

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Hang and cure method involves
Wash harvest (optional, but important for outdoor grown).
Hang and dry getting to under 70%
Somewhere along “Sweating” could be done (between hang and cure).
then Grove bag (leave alone) or jar and burp until 58-62% (the CURE)

Still learning myself, but aiming high.

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So do you use the kind of moisture meter that has the pins that stick into wood? I can get a Kobalt Digital Readout Moisture Meter for $28 at Lowe’s. It has the pins.


Yes, pin type for testing wood.


I just had time to look that Lowe’s meter up, for $28 I may have to pick one up, it looks smaller and nicer than the one I have now, plus I could really use mine for checking my fire wood (what I originally bought it for a few years ago)instead of storing it in the basement for buds :rofl::rofl:

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Hello fellow growers the moisture meter from lowes works great. I purchased one for this last grow. It sure helps make informed decisions. Happy growing


I got one yesterday!


What is a “Grove Bag”? I like your box idea. I am on my very first grow and am getting close to harvest.


Thats a company that makes storage bags for cannibis, it eliminates the burping of canning jars :metal::grin: