How to grow bigger faster plants/clones

There are nutrients like @Covertgrower stated but it really depends on your growing medium, genetics, strain, and growing conditions. I planted a unknown strain bag seed, and 2 sour diesel

there are only 5days between these plants

And these 2 sour diesel aready the same age

And they were all grown inexactly the same organic mixture and watered with the same water, and no nutrients

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Water culture man the only way they grow fast! The roots have nothing to push against so they just grow and grow!
Typically dwc is faster then soil growing.


If there was, We all would be using that method. But be it as it may, there sure isn’t. Now there are all kinds of nutrients that claim all that but don’t fall for all that B S ok
All you will hear is what worked great for that one person or persons.



Found a great basic cloning article

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@TheOne0777 if I had 100% success rate following directions from here, you can too. My experimental even survived. It’s super small, but it’s still going! I even tried two monster crop clones. Cloning seems pretty easy.

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