How to get your emblem

Will someone please tell me how to get my emblem to replace that stupid letter F when I post on this forum.

Click your emblem at the top. Click your username. Click preferences and it should be under there I believe.

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@Fishawk Click on the picture aka the letter F in thr circle. Then scroll down for Preferences. You will see the option to Edit Pboto. :+1::+1::+1:

You will see a box pop up. Hit the picture again. You will see a little box under so hit it and find the Preferences option. Bam…you can edit the photo.

Another way is to hit your picture in the Upper right corner. Then when the big box pulls up hit your name at the top. You will see a tab for Summary. Hit it and go to the bottom called preferences. :+1:


Hey Mr Peat, I dodnt know why, but, I do not have any preference tab on my drop down. I cant reverse the desktop format fro. my cell either. I better get in touch with webmaster perhaps. Thanks for responding!


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Got it figured out. Should have tapped buttons instead of holding. My bad. THANKS!

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