How to get cannabis card in illinios

I live in illinios and i dont no if anyone on here does but im trying to get my card and dont even no how to start to get it if anyone could help it would be really helpful

i would start by googling it. look for doctors who advertise services to provide medical cannabis assessments and recommendations. look for something like medical cannabis doctor “near me” or in Illinois

Thanks ill try that

You may also try calling a dispensary. They may be able to point you in the right direction.

Good idea thanks

Are you in southern or Chicago area IL?

Southern about 20 min from stl

Wow. We probably live in the same town.

Its verry possible if u live close to the stl

I live about 20 miles east of it. What a small world.

I dont live that far im not to far from Alton it is a small world for shur

I live not far from Scott AFB

HCI in Collinsville May be able to help you.

Ya u are not far from me at all im not far from there i just seem them on the web i thank thats where im going to try thank and happy growing

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Thank u so much i went to hci in callinsville and the gave ma a few doc to go see in Belleville and gave me all the info i need and just want to thank u


Anytime. Glad I could help you!

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I have another question for u im getting ready to order some more beans is it better to pay with bitcoin or credit card every time i use credit card i have issues just seeing if u no thanks

U wouldnt happen to no if bitcoin is better to order with every time i use my credit card i have issues iv been asking everyone thanks

idk i found bitcoin to be 100% super duper easy and fast.

A lot of times if you use bitcoin they discount seeds or give freebies on some sites