How to control Ph in reservoirs?

Hi all. when you use any kind of auto watering system with a reservoir, like autopots or blumat, and you DON’T use something like Adv Nutrients Ph perfect, how do you keep the Ph in the right range for the few days it’s on autopilot?

I believe they make a ion charged pH balancer for autopots. Google Zelda horticulture perfect ph

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wow i wonder if this stuff works. it sounds like magic.

i’d be all over this if i was a hydro grower. it says it’s not compatible with drip systems or organic nutrients unfortunately.


The systems/specifications that are compatible with the pH are listed below:

  • SYSTEMS: For best results the current model perfectpH should be used with Deep Water Culture (DWC), Nutrient Film Technique, and Flood and Drain or combinations of these techniques. The device has been shown to work on some aeroponic systems but this has yet to be confirmed overall and is still in testing. Drip Systems are not recommended as there is insufficient flow of water in these types. Please contact us if you are using a drain to waste system.
  • ADDITIVES: Typical mineral nutrients are recommended, organic nutrients (using live cultures) are not compatible. Hydrogen peroxide is not recommended due to its interaction with the ion composite, and if using silica it is recommended to use a brand that is pre-stabilized.
  • MEDIA: If using a media such as rockwool/Hydroton, media should pre-stabilized. Soil media is not compatible.

Interesting. I wonder if someone makes a similar one that would work for you.

i dunno this is some pretty advanced NASA type thing if you read up on it. fascinating. i guess i could also consider hydro for one remote grow if it makes life easy, just would really like to go organic.