How to add water if you are not at home?

Another Hydroponic question. My plant is drinking about 2 gallons of water a day. We’re planning on going out of town for 6 days. Does anyone have a solution to add water while you are away (short of having someone come in a do it)?


Assuming you are talking about DWC. The only thing I can suggest would be converting to RDWC.

This is in fact the problem with bucket hydro. You are really kind of stuck.

The tank hold 16 gallons, but damn she is drinks a lot!!

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So you are doing RDWC: go to your local carwash and pick up a plastic drum that had detergent in it. Wash out thoroughly and use instead. 30 and 50 gallon both. And free. If not a carwash get on Craigslist.

Sometimes food processors will have barrels for free/cheap. Never thought about car washes. Good to know.

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My systems are hooked up to my ro system with a little swamp cooler float to keep water level optimal…
I could leave indefinitely and they would still have water , I only need to come by every 3 weeks to add nutrients… :+1::wink:

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