How to add nutes when it rains so much?

Hello, I have 2 plants that are in week 3 of flower. They are outside in 25 gallon pots. Once they started the flowering stage, I began feeding them Tiger Bloom nutes. However, it’s been raining almost every other day here for the past week and a half. So I haven’t needed to water them at all in that timeframe, but they also haven’t been getting any nutes too. How do you guys deal with this?

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Do you have any way of testing how wet your soil is?
I have 2 outdoors also and even when it rains a lot they still need water

With the rain, don’t need to water but I would give them some nutes (a couple cups to a quart maybe) a couple times a week so they don’t get nutrient deficient.

So here’s what you do, right after it’s stopped raining, feed your plants as usual. The soil may be saturated, but you’ll be pushing your nutrients. Think of it like flushing. You overwater the plant to remove any excess and then replace the nutrients at the proper level.

Is it a perfect solution? I don’t think it matters. If you’re getting so much rain that your feeding might spoil it, maybe move to dry amendments or something, but I don’t think this will cause a problem. Just my two cents. Happy growing.


That makes sense, thank you

Out of likes but I think this makes perfect sense to me too
It’s already waterlogged …and will need to dry out .
Idk but before I opened my plant up I never worried when it rained
My plant was so bushy and wider than the pot so my soil didn’t get much to absorb

However now that light reaches the soil zone…. when it rains I get saturated so this was exactly what my plans were !!!

Like what others have said… its also advisable to cover plants if possible.
In addition to those methods one could try top dressing and scratching in a granulated fertilizer. That way, each time it rains it gets perculated through like a tea bag. Often when outdoor gardening we need to work with nature, rather than fight it.
Obviously your climate will dictate the need for cover as will the strains you intend to grow. Thats why I grow in greenhouse… because I tend to try and grow long period plants in a shortish environment. I need to protect against the frost and rain. The plants are simply too big to tarp out in the open and moving them is out of the question.