How they looking so far? GSC, Super Skunk, White Rhino

Day 21 flower. Using FF trio per FF schedule. Only feeding once per week. Should I do twice?


They look healthy. Do you check runoff TDS?

Love the name by the way! :metal:

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Per feeding: what soil medium are you using? I know overfeeding is super easy to do. The nice thing about these plants is that if you pay attention, you will find they tell you very early on if there is a problem. For me it was easier to fix underfeeding than overfeeding for my plants in the soft pots. And I would top with plain pH balanced distilled water in my hydroponic system between big fills and feeding.

I have been using Dr Earth flower girl for my outside and its very good, doesnt harm no matter how much you use. I also have been using flower fuel and its great too, but it says to use with nutes so I have run out of AN so I been using a scoop for 5 gallons they look awesome, got about 4-6 more weeks FYI
By the way your girls are very pretty, small but pretty :->