How’s my babies, are they ready for flowering

How’s my girls looking

Going to put in flowering 1st of March

How much more training I should do. I gave tied down to cloth bags trim leaves


@Hotstuffmom I always decide when to stop training based on my height limitations and how a plant is naturally growing…they are starting to get thick inside you may want to get rid of that inner fan leaf to really open her up but otherwise doing you are doing just fine


Healthy plants. Good growing.

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Your girls are looking healthy and happy.
You train and veg to the space that is available. Space being both floor space and vertical space.
Some say to allow 4 sq ft per plant. However, many of us around here will successfully grow 4 plants in a 3x3.
Ultimately it what you want and how much training, punning and maintenance you want to put into them. I tend to the high end of all those.


They look beautiful!!! What cultivar are you running? How long have they been in veg?

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Really healthy looking plants l go by the rule when the canopy covers 50% of the grow space time to flip

Your plants look healthy as , u can flip when ur ready i would defoliate the plants to let more light in the canopy

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