How old can u tell the sex of the plant

I wanted to know when and how old do they show there sex m/ f. Also I hear no toping autos I get it but what about those big leaves that aren’t producing any cola or anything like that is just blocking light

is it a clone? Or from seed? The picture does not depict any sex parts.

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Seed how old would u say they show there sex this is chocolate rain not in auto

sex will show when plant is ready. autos show fast. photos will need reduced light to flower.
btw…if you could get pics that are better focused…it helps.
big fan leaves are the engine of growth. some will defoliate once buds are half grown…

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@Growinggreg I have a photo period plant from seed that I main lined.

it’s 2 months old and had no signs of sex. I just flipped it into flower 3 days ago. It’s starting to stretch now but still no signs of sex. You’re more than welcome to continue on my journal bud. Not that I really know what I’m doing but you can learn from my mistakes. Lol. Happy growing dude!

Lmao sounds like a plan I’m old enough to learn from other ppl mistakes

I guess I have to work on my photography lol I must have enlarge it to much I’ll try again

these r my autos I just added exhale bag and clearly could see the difference plants are looking better than they have

So ur saying don’t trim the leaves that r blocking the light getting to lower branches

I wait till bud formation is going good, then trim some leaves to get more light inside.

my pH is high fives like five nine hit and six one is that pH level too low

You’re in soil correct?

Yes potting soil

In soil, shoot for 6.3-6.8 ph. Between those 2 and you cover a broad spectrum of what Ph the plants can uptake enough nutrients.

Is this looking like I’m doing LST RIGHT

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Hell yeah man! Killin it.

What are you trying that down with in the top left. Looks thin. Watch your stems, thin material can cut into them as they grow.

I was using metal coat hangers cut them up making hooks but they kept pulling out of the soil so what I did was I got Mason string and started using that I didn’t see any damage so far but I was thinking the same thing what do you use

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What do u suggest

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By the way GO BIRDS FLY EAGLES FLY we need a another Superbowl run


Hell yeah we do, and this is the stuff I’m using.