How offten do I feed and water my plants I'm new to this help plz

I’m new and I need to know if 4 CFLs CT is 27000k each growing only 2 autos for now but idk how offten to feed my girls pH is good here are some pics I just need to know if I’m doing good this is my very first attempt

this is what I’m feeding it till flower stage soil and food both organic am I doing good or wasting my time and money

Best way to gauge success is to have healthy plants. Give the plants what they need to be healthy and watch them reward you.

You might see some tacoing of the leaves later on if you stick to that. I would suggest cal-mag as well. I’ve never used what you’ve posted, so I cant offer any advice on it. However, I can say what I use! Foxfarm. There is a trio pack that works great. Unless I come across something absurdly amazing, I’ll never switch. You can find it on Amazon.


Ty I’m ordering it this coming week I would like to stay in touch with you bc I’ve never used this stuff so safe to say expect me to hit you up on this same fourm when it arrives if you don’t mind

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That’s what were here for!

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I use fox farms as well. Alaska fish emulsion is also good for beginners as you can’t get nute burn with that. Get 5 gal cloth bags from Amazon. When the get light, it’s time to water. Simple.

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Quick before too late. Move the autos to at least a 3 gallon…5 gallon would be better.

get a PH n PPM Meter set…$20 online