How much yield can I expect?

Question from a fellow grower:

Just curious, based on your experience what would you predict to
be the avg. plant yield of the 2 strains that I purchased
below. Assuming growing is done correctly.

I got a 4ft x 4ft x 6.6ft grow tent ( which will be placed on a back
patio. The weather could get a little cold a night. Should I put a
heater in the tent to maintain a higher temperature during the night? Or
could I just run the Light and schedule at night to maintain the
temperature), 400w HPS Lamp and 6” Fan and Filter System.

I got 3x strawberry haze fem and 10x super skunk fem

if youre assuming growing is done correctly.
than you can also assume the average yield stated on seed description, no?

strawberry: Yield Very high (450/650 gr/m² - 16/23 oz/11ft²)
superskunk: Yield Very high (500/700 gr/m² - 18/25 oz/11ft²)

these are averages,…much like the MPG they put on hybrid cars…those are determined in pristine laboratory conditions and not expected to be common.
good luck.

its a good idea to run lights when its colder, as opposed to the opposite.
my tent is in garage(unheated) and i have lights come on 530 PM and off 530 AM.

it is currently low 40’s here in northwest. and i do have a heater in there for dark-time hours. on seperate timer to go on when lights go off.
that heater provides about 10-12 degrees difference for me. its just a small standard electric room heater.
but without it,…id be down in the 50’s while lights are off. which i might utilize to make some really blue-blueberry :slightly_smiling:
but with heater, my temps stay in mid-60’s

good luck.

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