How much water does my auto need now that it is in the flowering stage?

Should I still be letting the soil dry out between waterings? I read somewhere that the flowering stage would require water every 2 to 3 days. I watered yesterday morning to runoff and today the soil is rich and moist but definitely not wet. I am using a 5 gal Smart Pot on a riser. I have also been wondering if it is possible to overwater when using a Smart pot on a riser since it really can’t hold excess water? Thanks.

Yes you should


I let the soil dry out so the top and sides are like dust, in cloth pots, and am learning to go by plant weight. So far my plants are loving it this way. They are autoflowers in week 2 of flowering.
As far as overwatering a marijuana plant, overwatering isn’t giving it too much water at once, it is watering it to often, the roots need a wet to dry cycle for health and to prevent root rot, other problems.