How much to water?

Foxy Lady! (Sorry, I’m a Jimi Hendrix fan.) Seems you’re doing everything right, no yellowing or leaf curling or other signs of over watering. Now just choose the option you prefer to determine when to water…" finger" method, weighing ( my preference), or if you’re brave, let the plant tell you…when she starts to droop, it means she’s thirsty. But you have to really be alert for that.

Cool idea!

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big Jimi fan myself I going to put some on right now got some electric ladyland playing now!!

Good idea! It worked like a charm when they were even smaller.

Not really mine to be honest I picked it up somewhere else on here and thought the same thing
But mine where too big to try it lol
I will try next grow


hi from qld australia
can i start by saying that i have been searching for someone who speeks the language that us laid back easy going queenslanders can identify with…so cheers for that
i am nearly 50 and have been smokn mj most of my life and i think i know my smoke as a smoker not a grower…i have always thort that the many many many different strains of gooey buds i have muzzed up over the years was something that was easy too grow but i have never met another grower in my life…hahahaha and i know now that is a lonely little hobby that only is safe to keep to ones self hahahah…enuff of the intro
i am 48 days into my 2nd grow because my first grow lasted 38 days and is best left at that lol , i basically f.c…d it cors i thort i would do things my way and so my lack of respect for the mj plants needs and care cost me a pretty penny…SO things are different with this little lady and she is already got great self esteem hahahaha ENUFF DRIBBLE…
i apologise for bringing a 2 year old post to the top but I LIKED IT AND WANT MORE PLEASE.
if anyone is happy to have a chat and answer some questions please let me know otherwise i will continue to sift thru a lot of stuff that is only personel opinions in my books
from ossie ossie ossie

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I have a similar question related to watering. This is my first grow and I have 5 Ladies in 3 Gallon Pots with 60% Happy Frog Soil, 33% Coco Coir, and 33% Perlite and 1 inch of Coir crutons in the bottom of each pot. This mix drains very well. The pots feel like the have water but the top seems to dry faster. What would be your suggestions here ?

For growing indoors, does how much are you supposed to water In the different stages of growth? Does the amount change between veg and flower? Also, is there a method anyone uses to be able tell right away that I under watered or over watered? I understand the amount of nutrients per gallon but Im just not sure if you were supposed to water the whole 5 gallon pot with it in all stages of growth. I plan to use coco coir and perlite in my 5 gallon fabric pots for my growth without doing any transplants from seedling to harvest.

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Hey,if you don’t mind me asking
What site did this article come from. Would like to get on there and see some of his grows. Really sounds like he knows what he’s doing. Thanks