How much to water autos

Autos need less water how much for veg 3gal pot soil

Really depends on where in the grow you are how much water to give. Autos dont get less water. Autos in super soil get less water more often, but so do photos. What phase of growth are you in?


Depends are you feeding organic amendments or are you feeding synthetic nutrients?

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The only way I can see autos needing less water is that autos tend to be smaller than photos. They otherwise drink as much as any plant would.

Assuming a mature plant - water daily if in coco. If you are in soil, then water thoroughly and then let the soil dry out before you water again. How much you water depends on how big the plant is.

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And it depends on if ur growing in coco coir or soil with coco coir you can water ur plant twice a day or u can water it once a day every day with coco coir but with soil once every three to four days you would water

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Iā€™d say as long as you aim for your 20% runoff each watering your plants will tell you how often they are thirsty by how quickly your container dries out. Full saturation to full dry then repeat.


I appreciate your input i was misguided bro scientists

Broscience is where we all start lol. Here we hone those skillzzzzz!! :wink:

Bro science gets corrected pretty quickly in this forum. The growers here literally have dozens of years of collective grow experience.