How much should i defoliate?

Sup growmies.
Sooooo bluecheese auto (ILGM) seem to be doing good. How detrimental are all the big fan leaves? I gotta believe they’re using a good bit of resources. Does it need all these solar panels anymore? Ive been cleaning up as i go, but not sure how much to thin. As always, much appreciated, y’all.


Yes. They produce the sugars the plant needs to be healthy and productive. Defoliate as necessary to maintain good airflow within the canopy. Don’t take off more than 25% at a time.


I focus on the leaves that are stemmy. Then see what they look like if needed I open up the bud sites whether it’s LST, Trimming or both. But I am a aggressive trimmer

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Just remember that leaves that are already grown do not “Take” anything. They are done growing.
They do produce the actual plant food needed for growth. Food we give the roots are just primary building blocks of needed nutrients produced in green leaves.


Don’t be trimming the leaves that are imbedded in the flower. Yes sir @Spiney_norman you are correct!

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Mine do just fine without them.
I clean up along the way and just after the streach, I basically strip everything that is atached with a stim and I get pretty fat buds.

One on the left will get stipped soon.


You have alot of nice looking plants. Stemmy leaves are gone.
Before Defoiling

Afterwards she actually looks bad from not getting light.

Before the end of the light cycle


Nice Bonsai technique.

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