How Much CO2 is to Much

I have been dialing in my CO2 generator and have been maintaining a CO2 level of ~18,000 ppm with a chamber temperature running at 85 Degrees F. This is a 4-burner generator running at lights on times. The chamber is not totally sealed so when a timer is installed to turn ON the generator for 15 minutes and 15 minutes OFF the range cycles from ~750ppm-1475ppm.
Is the saturation level at the 18,000 ppm too much?
The chambers intake and exhaust both have multiple blowers in line the systems for additional control to be used to adapt for the seasons.

You should not run over 1500 ppm of Co2. Very much the same levels of toxidity as Nutrients.

Thanks Latewood! I needed to verify before the final tweaking.
I am attempting to create a steady supply of Co2 as close to 1500 ppm. If I could find an affordable 24 hour timer with less than 15 minute intervals it would help. Leaving it on at all light times is necessary.

The generator is working above my expectations. With full ventilation and the generator always on I am down to 1565 ppm.

I am next going to eliminate 1 of the 4 burners on the generator. This will allow me to adjust the ventilation settings to accommodate the change of seasons and save on propane consumption.

Warning. Only qualified personal shall make adjustments to a factory set CO2 Generator. I am a Process / Mechanical Engineer of 32 years with all proper tools and monitoring systems forCO2 ppm reading, explosive gas and CO monitoring. The generator and Propane supply are located outside the structure in an explosive designed storage shelter.

If you have 80 bucks; I can show you the recycle timer you need. low setting 1 sec. You cna dial it in. I use this on my greenhouse.

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Latewood, That would be awesome. I’ve been looking for one. I have another application for a second recycle timer. It would be used for the spray misting system I am working on.

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Hi Latewood, thanks for the cycle timer idea. Works great. Started adding timers to some of the 5 duct blowers. moved the humidifier out of the chamber for filling and now have a constant 1000 watt chambers running at 1250-1450 ppm CO2 and maintaining a temp below 90F.
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