How much can produce a plan of kandy kush?

I want to start the cultivation of a kandy kush plan, but I dont know how much a plan can produce. can you give me some aproximations its a indoor culture

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Candy Kush plants are medium in size and (roughly 60 inches tall). They are nice to grow simply because they have high THC levels (18%), medium CBD levels, and decent yields -without requiring huge amounts of extra attention. On average, Candy Kush plants will end up with 14 ounces of bud per three square feet of canopy when they are grown indoors, and 17 ounces per plant when they are grown outdoors.

Candy Kush plants have tons of resin despite the fact that they have a relatively short flowering period (between 7 and 9 weeks). They do well indoors if you use scrogging techniques or low-stress training.

In an outdoor setting, Candy Kush marijuana plants prefer a cooler climate. This will work fine when it comes to mold and other issues because they are naturally mold-resistant. For people who live in cooler climates, Candy Kush may be ideal.

Hey there @kush123 welcome ti the forum
I got this info from the seed bank description of the candy kush
I have not actually grown it myself
I would except less than listed average if your a beginner tho theses numbers are averages for optimal conditions and no issues during the grow

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