How much Amor si do I add

Hello all thank you for the advice I have a question for the Amor si. I’m currently using the flora series aggressive feed. However I’m not sure how much to use. Growing 2 black widow in coco with perlite. In my 5th week. The reason for the use is because the heat and humidity is high. But still don’t know


Follow the printed instructions on the bottle. Start with a light dose.
Silica is always the first thing you add to the water. Mix well. Add the other nutrients in their instructed order. Then adjust pH. Silica typically raises pH up high so you may need pH down.

Thank you so it goes in before floral micro ??

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Yep. Silica is “Always” first

1.5ml per gallon is enough at 5 weeks. It’s correct that you always add silica first. But then you should give it at least an hour before adding other nutes. I add it the night before then mix everything else in before feeding.

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2 ml a gallon once a week personally i mix everything in a solo cup then pour it back into the gallon , I’ve added it at different times and as long as i give it a good stir before pouring back in it all stays together well enough. Silica is one of those nutrients that’s it kinda hard to overfeed unless you re afraid you stems will get TO strong

Thank you started with 1ml and next week 1.5 my next question do I continue to add till the end or at what point should I stop using amor

I stop adding Silica day 50 - 60 of flowering stage. By this time the plant should have all it needs for stem strength and trichome production. Put another way, if I estimate I’m 3 weeks from harvest I stop adding it.