How many seeds should beginner start off with any

Been smoking for about 14yrs decided now its time to grow my own I have a few ?s (1) should I start with 3 or 5 seeds (2) what kind of lights should I get I plan on doing mines indoors in my bedroom closet which use to b a bathroom so its a pretty descent size where I live its $20 a gram outrageously high get paid in a few days an want to start getting things ready and help an suggestions will b appreciated. Until next time

Thanks Bree

Have you read the grow bible yet? It’s totally free and might answer many questions to get you started. The type of lights you choose might depend on a few things, some can create quite a lot of heat. Fluorescent are readily available and you can make your own light system relatively easily and in most cases for not a lot of money. HID light systems have become very affordable and you can get pretty powerful systems for around $100 USD on e-bay. LED lights are still kinda expensive to start off with but give you the most Lumens/PAR per watt and will help keep the heat and the power bill low.

Here is a chart that can give you an idea of the various lights available and the electric use associated with each one:

You don’t have to go with any of the brands in the picture, it just gives some of the better known name brands as an example and there are other brands that will do just as good for much cheaper pricies to start off with. just do some research and shopping around and you can find some really good deals.

As far as how many seeds you should start off with, it depends on a few things. Are the seeds feminized? If not you have almost a 50/50 chance of the seed becoming male or female, you only want the female plants unless you want to make more seeds and seeded female plants are not as good as seedless in potency and seedless just makes better smoke or what have you. So if you have seeds of unknown origin, they are likely not feminized and the 50/50 rule will be applicable and so maybe more seeds is better as you may have to remove or kill off half your plants shortly after having them flower and identifying which ones are male or female. There are plenty of ways to take clones and so you don’t really need seeds to continue your garden from harvest to harvest.

I would start with 5 or 6 seeds. you can grow them to sexing with plenty of space. There is a good chance that if you vegetate the seedlings in a shorter photo period say 16/8 you will achieve 50/50 or better. I usually get 4 females out of 6 regular seeds.

then you will have plenty of space in bloom phase to create good air circulation and light penetration, allowing your plants to thrive in a healthy environment. :smiley: Peace

Thanks for the info I’ve been reading a lot of everything I plan on getting feminized seed from your seed bank making my order Friday aside from foil way can I pad the walls with thanks again.


Do not use foil…“my God Man!”; Just kidding.

Cheapest: Paint them flat white. approx. 80% reflection
Panda Plastic Maybe 88% reflect, and
Mylar 90%. I use Panda plastic, or paint the walls and floor with flat white paint