How many plants could i fit in my grow tent?

Its 36x48x70 in. Gonna grow somango xl and want to get my highest yield possible. Would I squeeze more plants in or should i just grow 2 of them and give them room to grow

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If you train them you’ll have more room but with fewer plants they have the opportunity to get really big. It also will depend on how long you veg as to their size. Hope this helps


I have a 48x48x80 and I have 5 plants and could use some more room. With training you could do 2 plants and get a high yeild.

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Well said @Laurap.
It all depends on veg time.

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You can grow 2 plants in that tent or 2’x3’ space. I recommend you research and use the SCROG method. Happy growing :slight_smile: