How many plants 1.22x2.44

A question from a fellow grower:

In a 4×8 feet or 1.22×2.44 meter grow tent. How many plants could be grown good under a 1000k high pressure sodium lighting system?

It depends on your grow method. I personally wouldn’t put them any closer then 2ft from eachother, but if you Veg less or choose SOG method, it’s possible to fit more plants.

I always tell newer growers to start with fewer plants and Veg longer, as ‘less’ is easier to control and many times as a new grower, you’ll get larger yields.

Generally speaking, 1000k HID lights have a footprint of 5’×5’, so you’ll have about 1.5ft on each side of your tent that will yield less.

Most growers use 2 × 1000k, or 2 × 600k for a 4×8 space. A 600k HID light has an accepted footprint of 4’×4’.

Hope this helps…

Good luck, and happy growing :slight_smile: