How Many LED Lights / Watts For 4 Female Plants?

Have four feminized Sativa seedlings and four LED lights. I don’t want to go overboard but electricity bill is not really an issue.

Two Wills 600 watt LED (consumes 102 watts) with a described 3’ by 3.75’ area at 24 inches height.

One Bloomspect 600 watt LED (consumes 132 watts) with a described 2.5’ by 2.5’ grow area at 22 inches height.

One Yintatech 1000 watt LED (consumes 100 watts) with a described 3’ by 3’ area at 20 inches height.

I just set up the Bloomspect and the Yintatech. Is this enough to get what I’m looking for as far as max yield assuming I don’t screw anything else up?


You can definitely start with the two lights even one in the beginning but more light more bud of course there’s a max any plant can take but multiple lights from different angles can really go far


I’m sure u will get a nice haul from the 4 lights but I may fight alot of heat issues. Cheaper lighting usually has to do with the fact of cheaper diodes used and a much much thinner and cheaper heat sink so heat is not dissapated as well for a 4x4 tent to be a good sufficient grow from sounds of what u want u wanna have atleast 750w minimum for flower time

Thanks. Forgot to mention it’s just in a room, no tent this time so heat shouldn’t be an issue escpecially with winter coming.

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