How long you think

Good evening hope everybody’s doing well I am a brand new at this I have three questions 1 how does a my plant look too lot of leaves turning yellow rate how long are are we alone the budding process yeah sorry forgot to mention one very important other things I took a pic I saw a different color stuck on one of my leaves not sure what that was I did pull it off and I sprayed with hydren peroxide let me know on that please thanks

thanks for your help

Am going to entertain myself by answering what I assume are your questions.

Looks fine.

In flowering they will consume themselves if not given the correct amounts of nutes. Again, she looks fine.

If you pulled it off and sprayed it with hydrogen peroxide, no harm, no foul.

Happy growing!


Thanks for the help l am slowly learning I am 64 harder to learn


This will help you tell when they are done.

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Are they photos or auto’s if they’re photos and you’re growing outdoors in the northern hemisphere then they probably won’t be ready until October. If they’re auto’s they still look like they have a long ways to go.

You’re looking at least another 6+ weeks. Not sure what to think about your leaf issue. Hopefully you’re feeding with some kind of bloom enhancer.