How long shoulps i keep clones covered?

My clones r 2 weeks old yesterday, they r standing on their own and top growtch is reaching/pointing to the lights now. Some leaves r yellowing but they seem good. Should i wait longer to put in small pots and keep them covered in humid container??

If in grow cubes…wait till roots show.


Ok thanks @tanlover442, they r in jiffy pellets but esentially the same thing right?

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Yep…same thing. suggest you let them keep growing until at least several roots are showing.

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Well…the choice to put clones into small pots and soil was made for me this morn. As i was checkin for roots, i noticed abit of white fuzz on lower outside of the cups i used.

Lesson learned here, DONT use papper dixie cups!!! So i proceeded to repot them all, OG kush all had about 3 to 5 roots stickin out, all about 3-4mm. The Girl Scout only had a few with 1 or 2 roots poking, about 1-2mm long. On bottom of jiffy pucks there was abit of the white fuzz. (Mold/mildew) did have mild smell of musty but mostly smell of dirt

I gently kinda just scraped the bottom of pucks clean and potted them.
Left side is OG and right is GSC, do they look like clones should at 2weeks?
Is there somthing i can do to make sure they will b ok? I have small fan on now to keep air flowing and keepin them uncovered
Any suggestions would be great, thanks

Next time use clear plastic cups. If you have a problem with mold…mix some peroxide into water and let sit for 30 mins. Mix it light.

Once more than two roots show…transplant to final home.

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@tanlover442 thank you. Do i water with the lite peroxide/water mix or mist/spray them?

I did some reading in the forum last night, found an old post from @dbrn32 i beleive it was around aug 16. It talked about the white fuzzy stuff is from the soil, apparently its a good kind of mould cause by the enzymes in soil and nothing to worry about. It eased my worried mind, i almst trashed all my clones last night because of it. GLAD i didnt and found that post.

Probably, it’s not uncommon anyway. You will want to try and get rid of it though.

@dbrn32 can i water with peroxide solution?

Ya, I think just a drop or two.

Thanks @dbrn32. Your the only one to answer my question since yesterday lol

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