How long left for my babies?

My plants are probably about 8 to 10 weeks in. It is an Afghani delicious autoflower. I was just wondering if a few of you lovely people could give me some idea of how much longer until I can reap the benefits Or when can I chop it down. Thanking you all in advance


Rough guess, 4 weeks.


Ty drinkslinger

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Post some new pics in 3 weeks. We’ll chime in again. :+1:


3 or 4 weeks. What them trichomes look like??

I would say at least 4 weeks. :+1:

Will do, I’ll keep you updated. Thanks again

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Down loaded the harvest guild from ILGM website

Hey everyone

Have a similar question about my girl.

How long do you think I have to harvest?

The burnt leaves are due to over Nutrient

Welcome bro I think u are ready cut all dead Leaf off and do a nice trim good job bro Congratulation

Thanks man. Wasn’t sure if the buds were ready but I’ll trim and dry now!