How long before the seedlings surface?, was an inch too much?

Was it my journal that you mentioned ?

Yes, your first reply to this post was awesome, changed the whole way I’m starting newly germed seeds, soil etc…
This post(your answer) should be re-posted in the beginners section , Seeds, Soil and Sprouts , as a general outline of what needs to be done as far as mixing soils ,adding Perlite etc… Myself as a Beginner was getting a little confused as I am used to growing Outdoors in Tilled soil, I am not used to starting indoors with Cocoa Coir(which I did buy) and how to use it properly And layering of soils. Some Great ideas for beginners. Thanks again @yoshi

You are so welcome here. I am glad that you have found many supporters here.

Garrigan and Yoshi among others, I am embarassed not be able to name off the top of mu head have learned and applied whay we have taught here. These great supporters of our community were most likely farmers or gardeners to begin with and I personally appreciate the fact that they have taken advice here and properly reapplied that knowledge back to the community.

Thanks to all of you, and Happy growing.

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Latewood we try to make you guys job ah lil easier , I can only imagine the many question you and MacG have to reply to on a daily , so if we can chime in and help out most beginners by explaining what we have learned early on from you and MacG , we do so indeed and thank you Latewood , Macgyverstoner and Robert by creating such a great forum for us to communicate , exchange knowledge on growing one of thee best plants in Gods herbal creation !


I’m doing direct sowing method due to taking longer Than 48 hours to germinate in water , how long before I see green leave , thank you

If you have any questions regarding growing seedlings and the correct lighting, please take a look at our Seedling guide!

Auto’s are sensitive and unstable in the early days , you should plant them in the same soil / pot etc that you will use for their lifetime
They especially do not like roots being messed with .