How long before needing pulled

1st pic pulling in the morning because I had to wait a few days for the internet guy to come install our wifi so hadn’t pulled yet. The next three I really could use advice on please on how long you think that i need to wait on each before pulling. First timer and new to the learning process so any and all help is appreciated. Didn’t keep any records or journals. Been doing all organic and natural. Will next year though. Gifted seeds so I know nothing about the type of any of them
1st flower fixing to pull

Hoping I didn’t wait too long. 2nd flower. Processing: IMG_20230923_124305249.jpg…
Uploading: IMG_20230923_124327067.jpg…

3rd flower

And last but not least my small baby girl lol.

Been a bumpy road along the way with lots of newbie mistakes but thankfully I haven’t killed them.will be way better prepared and ready next year. 2nd didn’t act like it wanted to load so I’m gonna try that one again.

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For how many weeks has each plant been flowering?

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That’s the thing I’m not really sure cuz they kind of all started at different times but I know for sure that one’s ready

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That’s why I said next year I will make sure to keep a journal but I have no records on any of it it’s been a minute though


They all got planted at the end of May

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