How lone do you think I have left to harvest and other questions

Hey guys n gals, I just trimmed up my babies tonight and fed them. I changed the light cycle on October 28th, so that’s about 6 weeks today, can you give me a ball park on about how much longer from my pics? First 2 pics are of all my plants and last few are just random closeups off some of them. Also when do you suggest I should stop with nutes and just ad bud candy and or epson? I really appreciate all of your help, it’s been a long road till this point.

October 28th was the flip


Very nice plants my friend but they all have more time to ripen, wait till all those white pistols turn orange before checking tricomes. Keep up the good work man :+1: couple weeks


Got about 4 to 6 weeks left for sure before i would quit feeding them. Keep a close eye on your numbers and over the next month it will get all thick and sticky.


Like the other 2 have said. :point_up_2: :point_up_2: