How is the progresa and training

How will you rate my progress and traini g, its been traini g from 7 days, any suggestions of filling pot with plant as plant is going outside the pot.


They look healthy. I would be careful about overtraining. Overtraining can lead to reduced yields.

Can you help me understand the question better? I don’t understand what you mean by “going outside the pot.”

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As i have bent them down so the fooilage is going outside the pot

No worries. The foliage doesn’t necessarily need to all remain within the rim of the pot. It doesn’t matter.

Bending/tying the plant down is a technique that I personally don’t agree with. The plant will spent its entire life trying to right itself and stand up straight seeking light. If you were to remove the tie-downs, the plant would stand back up straight within a day or 2. If the tied down position provided the plant with more light, the plant would stay down.

Can this be fungus gnat issue, as i have some, will be applying dematicious earth on next watering