How high should my screen of green be above my pot with soil?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

if i use a screen of green, how high would my hps lamp need to be above it?

how high should my screen of green be above my pot with soil?

HPS gives off a lot of heat, so just make sure it isn’t close enough to burn leaves, usually no lower than 25". Your scrog net can be anywhere from 12" to 24", keep in mind that you have to get under that net to water and clean up the branches, so don’t go too low.


I use 5 gallon air pots and set my screen at 24 inches and have 12 to 14 inches from screen to top of dirt in my pot and i make portable sog for each plant out of pvc pipe. It makes trimming and flushing easier that way. Here is a pic the one’s on the right are portable sog

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Sea of Green is actually different from SCROG. SOG is just flowering immediately from sprout, so the plants are very small and you have a lot of them. SCROG is the low stress training (LST) technique of tucking or tying the plant tops down to a net so it spreads wide. Then all the side branches grow colas that are the same height. It uses the light better.

For a SCROG net, most people use 20-25 inches above the soil.