How frozen is frozen?

Hey guys ! I have a question. I have thrown some fresh buds in the freezer, it’s been about 5 hours now and they don’t feel like they are getting anymore cold than they were 2 hours ago. The buds are fairly dense . Do they need to be like hard as ice ? I know my dry trim and buds always get brittle when frozen. Do I just need to wait longer ? Lots of people suggest a few hours should be fine. I’m guessing 5 Should be enough.

i threw them outside since it’s -9f out there right now . What do you think? Thanks!

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They won’t ever feel solid like ice… for freezer, I leave them in for about 24 hours…that’s just me. I tried dry ice which is a minimum of -40 and they still don’t ‘feel’ frozen just really frickin cold lol!

Edit. I just read ‘fresh’ buds… never tried that but I would think pretty much the same thing?