How do you deal with the heat from a dehumidifier?

I know most of you are going to say you increase the amount of airflow through your grow tent. I am growing in a closet and my only ventilation is leaving the door open throughout the entire grow. I know, not ideal. I have a fan blowing air into the closet at floor level. I have another fan circulating air in the closet. I have an 8" AC Infinity fan for odor (not working at all by the way). My entire house stinks. I just hooked up my 70 pint dehumidifier since I am in the flowering stage and it is raining all week and the humidity is creeping back up to the 50’s. The air coming out of my dehumidifier is 92 degrees! Now my grow space is creeping up to 77 and will only continue to get hotter. I placed the dehumidifier right outside the closet door so at least the hot air isn’t being blown into the closet.

How do you guys deal with the added heat?

I separate my dehumidifier from my grow space and run it the next room over. It dehumidifies the entire home, but it dries out the air for the plants. This keeps temps down, and usually I turn on the air conditioning.


My dehumidifier is in a “lung” room. Air is conditioned there and then drawn into the grow area.
Stale air is vented directly outside from the grow room in warmer months. During the cooler months the exhaust goes through a carbon filter and then back into the lung room.