How do you bring your ppm lvl up

Need to bring ppm lvl up i think what feeding say 330 an the off says 180

ask the question again. Not sure what you are asking.

How to increase runoff ppm?
How to increase feed ppm?

Also give some basic info so we have an understanding of circumstance necessitating the question.

Age of plant…
Medium …soil, coco?
nutrients being used

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9 weeks had to back but had to go back to 6 growing in coco flora trio fortune cookies

This is how the math works

In: 330 ppm
Out: 180 ppm
Ate: 150 ppm

Next feed accounts for what they ate and needs replaced.

330 + 150 = 480 ppm to maintain level

or 530 ppm to increase ppm by 50

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So To make the ppm go up add more nutes to my water im guessing thats how you do it

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Yes, you increase the feeding ppm of what you’re using

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Thank you much do i add just the flora trio or the calmag to

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I’m sorry I grow with dry amendments and ferments. I can’t answer you properly, but I’ll tag in someone who will direct you further. @Covertgrower

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I’m diggin your training. Great job!
I’m lovin the aloe :smiley:

Thank you this is my first time so just trying to get that one in lol

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Here’s the fee chart for your line. It tells you what


Awesome bro that will help me bunches