How Do I Make, Know, Tell?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“How do I make my plant flower? How do I know what seeds to use? How could I tell if it’s a male seed or female?”

**Order female seeds - From here
**Plant on a 18/6 schedule (Light on 18 hours off 6)

Once about 8" tall check back we can help you with the rest
If you have seeds plant them and take pics we can help you male or female


Id suggest that you register for the forums and just read, read, and keep reading. ALL the information that you will need is here! You will find all the answers to your questions, and answers to questions that you didn’t even know you have yet. Once you figure out all the basics, the Pro Growers on this site can help you with the rest.
You can start by reading the guides and the blogs and the seeds for sale in the upper right corner of your screen. Also download the Grow Bible from this site as well.

Good luck and keep em green. :seedling:


I agree with @Rugar89, read , read and read more. Not just this site , ytube, anywhere there are growers. I surf around and read everything I can but honestly the best advice I’ve received is here at ILGM forum. I’m a newbie and without these guys would be lost. So much experience here and all are willing to share


To make your plant flower you change the light cycle so that it gets 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness and then 12 hours of light (for a photo period plant) if growing an autoflower plant they will begin to flower when they reach a certain age.
Only you will know what seeds to use. I recommend purchasing seeds from ILGM. They have a great selection of different strains to choose from. Autoflower seeds will flower on there own and feminized seeds will be female plants. You can use bag seeds if you want but you just won’t know what you will end up with, could be male and could be female but that’s the chance you take.
I don’t believe you can tell if it is a male or female just by the seed. I did see a post stating there is a way you can tell but I’m not sure it is possible. This is a good reason to purchase feminized seeds because it takes the guess work out of it. I like feminized seeds because I don’t have to put a lot of effort into a plant that ultimately turns out to be a male saving you time and money.


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IN order to induce flowering; You lower the light photo period to 12 on 12 ogg, 12/12.

This is done after a vegetation period. Vegetation photo periods are the choice of the grower 14/10, or, 16/8, or, 18/6

18/6 is most popular but, I grow under shorter photo periods of 14/10-16/8 depending on Pheno (Indica or Sativa dominant)

Hope we all helped. And; Yes, please join the forums. We teach 1st timers how to grow successfully, everyday. Peace, lw :slight_smile:


Oh yeah. I love growing feminized seeds. Gold Leaf is our strain and high in CBD for the Med user. :slight_smile:


Check out first time grow journals, just flick through and see that no matter what within a couple hours (usually) someone has gave you advice you couldn’t have thought up solo, everything from problems to designing a room, tips and tricks, support ect this is the best forum undoubtedly, got a tone of people through their first grows :slight_smile:


Gotta agree. I got two different strains from here and my God are they healthy!