How do I know if its is Ready?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I’m growing hydroponics and I need to know when to do my final root rinse. All the arrivals talk about harvesting, in dirt, when the buds are 50-75% brownish red. But I’m in water. How do I know. I’m growing White Widow (fem).”

hydro or soil, it all has to do with the trichomes… You need some kind of magnifier, like a jewelers loupe of something 60x magnifying…


@Ron330 is spot on. No matter what medium you are growing in the trichomes will tell you when to harvest.
I monitor the pistols and once the majority of them start turning red I’ll start to monitor the trichomes.

I do understand the Trichome process, but I’m trying to figure out when i need to do my week of final root rinse before harvest. All the info I"ve read tells me to do a week of just water, no nutes, to rinse the salts and other nasty stuff off the roots. But how do I know when to do this.
PLEASE HELP! Here is a pic to show you the beautiful WHITE WIDOW