How Do I Hide Odour From A 200 Cubic Meter Grow Room

I’m building an outdoor grow room. My whole patio. My five nearest neighbors live between 4 - 20 meters away. It’s very urban. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
I have to figure out a way of drawing 200 cubic meters of air through a filter and removing odour.
I need a filter that can handle this. I was thinking of a bucket carbon filter but using a 250 litre drum? So firstly the cheapest and best way that could handle the volume of air passing through it.I don’t know how much airflow you would need to draw out. I guess as long as air is always being drawn inwards and out through the filter then you are safe from any smell giving you away. You obviously need enough airflow to remove humidity. Also any ideas on what sort of flow required on a figure of say 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 plants.??? @Hellraiser


I’d go with a 12" exhaust fan like the AC Infinity T12.


the carbon filter I have works well for 4 plants, but it doesn’t eliminate 100% of the smell. 20 - 50 plants, I would have no idea on how to control that, that is more in the commercial area probably, not something most of us home growers have experienced, but there may be a few people here who might know…

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You’ll need 7000 cfm to get 1 air exchange per minute. If going with traditional setup you will most likely want multiple fans and filters. The static load of filter will pull fans capabilities down some. But a lot of rooms this size are sealed and use co2 burner, air conditioning, and dehumidifier over traditional air exchange instead.


Agreed with both. But don’t forget that sealed environments need exchange too. It’s actually impossible to run a perfect sealed environment without daily exchange. It’s technically impossible to create a perfect environment because of this factor. This is as simple as opening the door for watering though. So is vastly ignored as an important part.

I increase my CO2 levels regularly in an open environment… Via torch

I mean… my pro-flip results speak for themselves. Pro meaning after. Not professional.

I don’t think I could account for them without the increased CO2.

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Please note tho. I’m dropping unsafe levels of CO2 not in the original context of the tool I use to do it. I am very much breaking many “rules” when I do what I do. But I grew up with a “Mr. Sun” heating my bedroom. Which where never approved for indoor use. Lol.

This is a Mr. Sun…
Lots of extra CO2 in my childhood room. lol.

What if… I’m so darn crazy from years of oxygen deprivation… Because I’ve done some unexplainable crap… lol


It’s actually producing a lot of carbon monoxide (just CO) as well, which is toxic for humans… Cheap way to get co2 though I guess. Have you seen people’s CO2 bombs where they just drip vinegar onto baking soda? You can make it to where its basically automated depending on your Jerry rig skills

Como? Que? No te tiendo… I’m not using one of these now. I know my torch would produce CO when turned up. I run it over intake on the lowest solid blue flame… I know how gases work… I have a unique set up. To say the least.

Ok. Not solid blue flame. Solid in color. But whispy in form. No jet shape… no oxygen burn off from yellow. Just before.

Hard to explain. So I don’t normally share it… Since it is overall dangerous…

CO is harmful to both you and plants… trust me it is considered.

CO is as much the same as CO2 as H20 is to H202…
Which I think everyone can understand…
Water (H20) vs hydrogen peroxide (H202)…
Your body is mostly water. Who’s guess if you added one oxygen molecule to the water in your body. You would fizz to death. As the peroxide killed all evidence of DNA…

But you need oxygen to live… just if one oxygen molecule was added to the water in your body. You’d fizz to death.


:laughing: wish you were my chemistry teacher. I would have paid more attention if the lessons were more like that.


You don’t, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.
Good luck
Happy growin

:joy: lmao that had me chuckle there for a few :joy:

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Raise skunks outside the grow room in plain sight!:joy:

My grow room has filters and all of that and you can still smell them from 200 yards away with only 18 plants…
Good luck my friend… @Dave69
@Budz co2 is generated best when the gas is burned at the highest temps and a very fine mist…
I use Coleman lanterns for my co2 generators…
It adds 800 lumens and dosen’t creat much heat ’ but produces an extreme amount of co2…
Just make sure to buy the Coleman brand and also make sure to hang them by 3 foot of chane , incase of a fire issue…
Not recommended for any sort of tent…
Grow rooms only , with plenty of space… :+1:
:v: :sunglasses:


This is an extremely hard task.
Now if you had money to burn and were an experienced commercial grower with this task it’s possible you’ll get away with it… Possible

But if your in an illegal area and your attempting to do this for the first time the chances of you getting caught is extremely high…

@peachfuzz is commercial
@PharmerBob is commercial
I don’t know many else that are but
@dbrn32 and @Hellraiser are a wealth of information.

It doesn’t sound like the risk is reasonable in this situation to be honest.

Unless you take @2GreenThumbs idea and get a pet skunk and let it roam your yard all fenced in so people can see it… Even then the police will probably start watching you, your power bill, etc.

I’ve seen multi million dollar grows get busted, if it’s not a legal area your best bet is to stay low key and small scale.

When going big, things become noticeable.

Power bills
The heat inside the building visible via thermal
The traffic of items, people etc.
Neighbours are nosey ask anyone. They know all about their neighbours.


All joking aside I agree with @Nicky the risk is not worth it at that scale. Just too risky my friend. Now Here’s what I would do.

First I would downsize my idea to say 4 plants and I would wall in that patio and build a grow room with space between it and the patio wall inside my new walled in patio and carbon filter my exhaust back into my house and stop all guests from coming who don’t get high who I ain’t known for 20 plus years.i would also grow low scent strains and do alot of researching there. Good luck!


Good advice, thanks mate. I’ll give it more thought and planning… So, unfortunately we don’t have skunks in NZ. But I could grab the neighbors cat and give it a paint job (water base of course, I’m not a cruel bastard :joy:) Then go around all the neighbors. Knock knock, Hi I’m Dave, your neighbor from there (pointing finger) I’ve just got this pet skunk here, so if you smell something I’m not growing weed it’s the cat, f*ck, I mean the skunk…and thats a wrap. :joy: :joy:


I grew 5 on the patio this year and my mate said that when he turned into my ROW he could smell them.


I’ve got an absolute psycho nosey neighbor. I had to black out my windows to get some privacy. She walked into my house unannounced one time. She used to grab my mail out of my mailbox all of the time. It all got so bad that I had to completely stop talking to her and lay out boundaries (many of which she proceeded to ignore.) She is like a creepy stalker.

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She fancied you mate. You should have just given her one. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Did I mention, the couple behind me over the back fence work for corrections. :joy: :joy: :joy: I’ll make it semi private to start with and put the roof on one area. Then see what you guys think. So it sounds like I won’t be able to hide the smell even with a big carbon filter, that’s a bummer. :slightly_frowning_face: