How close to put the grow light

I have just begun as in my very first seed. I germinated an autofowering Amnesia Haze seed in spring water for twenty hours. When I checked on it I thought I had seen the seed “pop” (a thin greenish line) but I couldn’t be sure…eyes are not as good as they used to be. So I transferred the seed to a damp (not dripping) paper towel and covered it with another paper towel and left it in the dark. I had to go out on business and when I returned I found a the seed hull had dropped and there was a four inch tap root with the smallest of leaves beginning. I planted the seedling into a three gallon Fox Farm soil medium having burrowed a four inch hole to accommodate the tap root and keep the leaves just above soil level. The pot is in a 27’x27’x60’ grow tent with a 54w Phantom 1 LED full spectrum grow light. Provided I have not waited too long for the seedling to survive the transfer; how high should this light be from the seedling plant? Thank you!

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Welcome to the community and best of luck on your grow.
Heres your par maps for a 2x2 area . I would start at about 14 inches for the first week 12 for the second and 10 for the rest of veg and once flowering starts 7-8 inches will be best if you ever want to do more then 1 plant I recommend investing in a mars hydro 2000 tsw for that space


Thank you for the feedback! I will have to study on these charts; the numbers and abbreviations are pretty much Greek to me. So that I understand you suggest hanging the light at about 14 inches for the first week and then incrementally closer in subsequent weeks. I will look into the Mars Hydro 2000 tsw. Thank you again! Best Regards!


If you have a higher budget hlg is a great light. DIY lights are great too and you can get plenty of help with them on here.

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I’m thinking a little higher than 14” to start out maybe around 18”
As they grow it will naturally shorten the distance to more intense light.
I usually let them grow up to the light and then when needed move the light up
Up to you
Hope this helps

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Thank you for the information!

That will be something I have to look into…will se how the Phantom 1 does for the first attempt. Thank you!

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No problem. I spent 100$ on a small light that’s supposed to be for a 2×2 but it’s doing great in a bigger area. Although I have 2 crappy lights to help a little. Lol.

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Welcome by the way.

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He doesn’t have an hlg. With the lights he has 14" might be good actually. Although 18"-24" is just the general guideline a lot of people follow.

If those PPFD charts you posted above are for his light than that is why I suggested it be hung higher.
The HLG chart is just one they made that references their recommendations on different stages of growth and recommended PPFD for those stages…regardless of who makes the light.

Hanging height varies a ton all depends on the lights true output.