How can I preserve marijuana leaves individually?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“Is there any way I can preserve marijuana leaves individually for periods of time like cigars?”

Cigar wrapper leaf is fermented and aged for as long as 30 years before it’s even USED. So, not sure what you are asking. As for preserving: for what? To smoke? Then you will want to dry it like any other plant material to prevent spoiling.


I would love to learn how to age a weed leaf, I want to make blunt wraps out of just weed leaves!



@ktreez420, it’s ridiculous the amount of effort that goes into cigar wrapper leaf from harvest to cure to age to ferment to further aging etc. Tobacco leaves have a lot of sugar and various other chemicals that bacterial action breaks down over time to produce the leathery finished wrapper. Over 50% of a cigar’s flavor is in the wrapper.

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Have you ever had it in a salad? It’s good!