How bad are humidity fluctuations during flowering?

5 1/2 weeks into my first grow and loving the way things look so far

I’ve generally been able to keep the humidity around 50 since flowering started, but when I water them it obviously goes up temporarily. It’s been raining out for the pst couple days where I live, humidity is up everywhere, and it’s been more like 70% in the tent since I also watered them this morning. Are temporary high humidity fluctuations(say for a few days here and there) a really bad thing, or is it just the consistent high humidity that can lead to problems like mold, rot, etc…?


More when its consistant. Couple days at a time wont hurt just keep good air circulation



And if you can, during the last 3 weeks when they fatten up, target 35% as the sweet spot. That will cause her to produce more trichs/resin.
Those are some healthy lookin plants. Back right next to fan…got dibs!:face_with_hand_over_mouth: