How are these looking ? 2 weeks 1 day in to flower

This is my first grow, I did a lot of research before I started, but there is nothing better than doing it yourself to really see what is going on. I tried to scrog, It’s not really a scrog right now but more to hold up the plants and allow me to bend the branches easier to get more light to some nodes. It’s too bushy, I took off quite a bit after I took these pictures.

Curious if I’m on the right track for how long they have been flowering or if I’m behind a bit, I know it’s strain specific and there are a ton of variables.



O my… that is quite the undertaking for ur first grow! At this point i already consider it a success. Very well done. Running full speed for week 2 of flower

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Thank you, you’re right, honestly it is a big undertaking, takes a lot of my time currently. I was scared to do a lot of methods I’ve read about and watched videos on, but this next grow I’m much more confident as I’ve seen how resilient these girls can be.

A few things I think I’m doing totally wrong… I have an AC unit with no airflow coming in to the tent except maybe through the vent of my acinfinity that I don’t have on. I need a split AC unit so I can close it off or another solution to bring air in and have it pulled out. I live in So. Cal and the 90-105 degree weather is incoming.

Fox farm soil no nutrients, just water ph’ed to about 6.5. ( I think) Listening to when they need water not on a schedule. Noticed that certain strains get a bit thirstier than others.

Just hope I get a good yield and most importantly good quality.

I also had to fight off thrips which seems to have been a big success, no more sign of those guys.

These girls look beautiful

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Do you have a supplement to push them across the finish line in mind or on hand?

Great win on the thrips.

And they can take an absolute beatdown. Couple guys around here have grip pliers just for cropping :joy: tweak at that AC before it bites u in the ass :wink:

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I don’t, what would be a good supplement to add? I have worm castings that I haven’t added yet.

I’m not sure how to handle the AC thing, I think I’ll bite the bullet and buy one of those split AC units, but then my ACfinity kind of becomes use less as I’ll have to add CO2 some how I’m assuming.

I actually (noob thing) broke one of my tent poles because I didn’t have air coming in when the acfinity decided that it was too humid in the tent and sucked it in like a sardine can, this was very early on in the grow though.

Actually those are probably the two worse topics for me. Noob ish happens. When i get my first tent, i have no doubt ill break something… :laughing: and nute wise ive been on fish emulsion for 2 years :man_shrugging:t5: Just seems so natural.

There are a ton of bloom based feeds. Fox Farms (liquid n popular), General Hydroponics (liquid and popular), Jacks (dry,cheap, and getting more popular), MegaCrop (dry kinda cheap), Nectar of the Gods (complex n expensive), buildasoil (my next attempt dry), biobuzz (liquid organic n seems nice)

Any of those and a good few others would get it done. U just wanna look at costs and where u wanna start. Liquid nutes are where most start. Dry ones are powder u mix up and pretty cost effective

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I ended up getting the General Hydroponics Flora Nova Bloom, BIOAG Humic Acid, Fox Farms Bush Doctor Kelp me Kelp you, and Mad Farmer Silica. Gave them their fist dose tonight, will see how they look in the morning.

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