House is starting to stink

Im having an issue with my whole house starting to stink with 2 plants. Ive tried a few things but has anyone here used carbon filters? How well are they known to work?

Yes, we all use carbon filters, and yes they do work pretty well with the odor.


some of these strains the filter is a must!!!


Is there any recommended brand?

Oh, there are so many. If you give us some info on your grow area we can get some experts to help you out.

Its a small closet, 8ft by 2ft, 12 ft in height.

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How are you exhausting your closet? A lot of us use a 4 or 6" carbon filter attached to their exhaust fan. This scrubs the air before exiting the grow space. Amazon has a number of options in varying price ranges.

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Ozone generators can help to but you shouldn’t be in the room when they running

I found 2 cheap kits for $107 each on Amazon.
1 6" 420 cfm fan and filter.
1 6" 240 cfm fan, duct, and filter.
Nothing fancy, but they work. If you’re in a stinky situation in need of immediate remedy, like I was, I recommend going on amazon & looking for bargains.

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I have a similar size small closet, so I used a 600cfm in line duct fan from Home Depot, and built a custom sized filter that fit my closet exactly, basically a copycat of what they do in a video on youtube.

I don’t know if its ok to post the link, but if you search “Migro Closet Grow Build #1”, you will see what I mean.

Admittedly, it took me 3 tries before I got the filter frame to not fall apart, but I’m no a carpenter. The wood parts are cheap, its no big deal. The filter itself came from Walmart and cut to size. So far, its fine, but no buds yet, and only 1 plant.

I did have to cut a hole in a piece of drywall and mount it at the top to create an artificial ceiling to hold the in line duct fan, but they kind of go over that in the video as well.

Good luck.


Im not currently exhausting the closet I just have a fan in it

I was skeptical about the car in filter, but it does an excellent job. I had a fan failure and my entire basement reeked within 6 hours. New fan and no smell at all. The vent system does wonders for your environmental control too.

So I believe I found a decent kit. My next question is can I just hang the fan and filter in the room and run it or do i need to route it out of the room with ducting?

I ran mine out of the room. I have the fan and filter set up in the top of my tent ductwork takes it to the next room. You may end up with humidity problems recycling the air in your grow room.

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