Hot hlg 260 rspec

Have the 260 Rspec and the ballasts are cooking hot? Is that normal?

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Yes. If the drivers are cranked up to full power then they get extremely warm.


Is it a problem or can they run like that continuously?

I recently bought one and it arrives Tuesday is why I’m asking

No it’s not a problem. Just dont do anything to insulate the heat…like sitting it on the carpet or something. Mounting it to a wall is fine too. I personally use a metal mesh rack they sit on so all sides are exposed.


I wish mine would’ve had a lead about 4 feet longer to begin with. Up until a couple weeks ago mine were in a basement and it worked out perfect year round. Now in a spare bedroom not so much. But I do have an ac unit on standby. The ladies are already in flower and getting 80,000 lux turned down and my daytime temp is 83 so I can live with it. Time to fill the co2.

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Does the driver not mount to the heat sink? I also got the hlg 100 n the driver mounts to the board itself…in the next few weeks as the temps rise, I’ll be moving my tent into my bedroom so keep it cool

Up to 85c, driver is fine.


Thank you all for the input, hlg should change their drivers. I feel for the price, they should be a lot cooler. That can’t be good for the ballasts. While I have you all here…the middle right plant has some brown spots. It’s a zkittles gorilla glue seed. From what I’ve read, possibly cal def bc of only watering with distilled. I flushed then two days later transplanted. She seems fine and I used my spring water(out of the ground) and she seems fine, just trying to avoid for next time.

They’re all like that, doesn’t matter which brand you get or what the purpose is. Heat losses are inevitable.


I hang a couple of small fans above my drivers to cool them. Not necessary, but I am trying to extend lifespan by keeping a bit cooler.