Horror stories and screw ups

I can’t be the only one with a grow gone wrong this year. Here are mine from a 30 day period that wiped out everything I had.

First I had what was thought to be iron deficiency and it was but it was caused by a rough crop duster that sprayed wrong property’s 3 girls outside all bit the dust along with part of my yard.
Mad as can be I put 6 in the soil to start again and at 10 days old a mouse came in and took the heads off every one of them. Never had a mouse problem and after 2 days of trapping I got him and took revenge out. Not a proud moment. Lol
And the 3 rd strike that killed the remaining girls was while dealing with the other crap I had a light leak in my closet that took out my 2 Durban poison. Seeded to the point of nothing To salvage.
2 weeks after the crop duster he hit a tree and was killed. As mad as I was I couldn’t be anymore as he payed and his family a bigger price than me.
So started all over again. Got a tent for my photo and put more outside. I really don’t like growing right now. But I can’t live without it so …

There is tough luck, bad luck and no luck. When you are the same side of all three its called I’m F’d.


That’s rough man :disappointed: Hang in there! With all that you deserve for the grow gods to smile down upon you!! Sending positive vibes and prayers to the ganja god for your new crop :wink::v:


Thanks. I’ll get there again. Taking more risk but you got to sometimes.