Hornheads first wwa grow

They are autos 14/10 I would recommend…

I’m having trouble. With my ph in my WwA and my baby California dream. My tap water ph is in the 9s. After I add nutes. It puts it right at 6.5. My problem is my run off is super low. Like 4s. I use gh ph control. I just flushe d both plants with 4gal each of 9 something water and run off still dark red light orange, in other words high 4s low 5s, but plants seem fine @Majiktoker @Jmesser80 @yoshi

Well, Sorry guys. Journal is over. The boys in blue just came in and took my stuff. 2nd time in two months

Mi appreciate all the info anyways fellas even tthough. My stuffs gown again. Next time they’ll. Be grown outside away from. House

Dude wtfudge? Maybe sendo them dd gift card?
Sorry for your misfortune. So your able to grow outside?
Oh gorrilla grow.:upside_down_face::nerd_face:

Gonna try to find a safe secluded spot, that’s for sure. Twice in almost 3 months. They got my stuff…ice lights, plants , tent and exhaust fan

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Where do you live?

Ohio. Farming country

I guess that’s not a legal
grow state?

No sir, hyst got decriminalized. Figured cheap just to grow own

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@HornHead I know this happened awhile ago but, how did you get caught?

I was growing 6 plants in the middle of town and l didn’t have a carbon filter so the smell attracted


Ahhhh, I guess im kinda immune to the smell. We left to go camping and mine are both stinking according to my wife whenever we got home

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If You’re in a illegal state, better get you a carbon filter


Technically im illegal now in OK, but should have my mmj card with the next month. I have a filter, I just didn’t hook it up while they were vegging, didn’t wanna waste it. Its going up reaaaaal soon though haha even if im legal, I don’t want my digs smellin like skunk.