Hornheads first wwa grow

Ok, here’s a quick run down.
Soil,coir and perlite mix
Vegged under 182 true watt 2700k and a 55 Tru watt 6400k CFL
First sign of flowers I switched to a roleadro 400w (200) true cob then a few days ago added a roleadro 300w (123)true 2nd gen 5w diodes
Using GH Flora trio and cal-mag
About 7 weeks give or take old. Didn’t start to show pre flowers until about 5 weeks old or so
When I get home I’ll try to take pictures cause both girls doing good I think. I topped both and lst the crap out of them


What light schedule are you currently on and when do you plan to switch to 12 on 12 off

They’re white widow autos, thought I’d stay at 18/6 for another couple weeks, then maybe drop it down some

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Don’t forget they’re going to double and triple in size when you put them into flower you’re going to have some nice big girls

The stretch is over. I didn’t have to make the 12/12 switch. They’re autoflower s

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Should I put autos on a 12/12 once they start to flower

You can do them on 12/12 I start mine on 14-10

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You’d think though that with a longer light schedule, more fuel to make fatter buds. But this is my first auto grow

Leave them at 14/10 , they will finish great…
Expect 90-120 days from germination…

Ah but, they need sleep to be able to harness the energy they receive during the day. That’s why we notice a good amount of growth over night

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Ok, here’s one of my girls

and what I think is main cola


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Bushy little sucker huh

Here’s the other girly


Sorry guys. Pot head. @Majiktoker @Jmesser80 @Hogmaster @Ragnar

Both of em together


They look good nice luscious green color and healthy

One in the back is under the roleadro 300w. It’s light looks more natural, one up front under the cob, it has a purple/pinkish tint to it

Looking wonderful…happy times ahead :wink:

So now that they’re budding. Should I switch lights to12-12, or 14-10?