Hoping third time will be a charm..or I'm done!

I made the mistake of buying (2) indoor clones and DIDN’T introduce them to sunlight gradually before setting them outside needless to say, I lost those. :frowning: Now I am trying two more, if these don’t work I’ll probably be giving up! The two I have are Gorilla Sap and Purple Urkel, they are in my living room getting partial sun during the day about four hours. Purchased them on Tuesday. I will put them outside on Friday.

Question. Which medium do I need to start? I live in San Diego Ca and hope its not too late to put them outdoors… any input would be greatly appreciated!

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I would recommend actually putting them outside for a few hours at a time. The sunlight outdoors will be more intense than inside the house.

As for your medium question there are all kinds of choices. I personally use sunshine mix #4 but it is considered a soiless mix. If this is your first grow I would recommend a soil mix such as a fox farm soil like happy frog or ocean forest.
Keep in mind the ocean forest has nutrients in it already so you might not need to feed them for a while after planting them in it.


Don’t give up! You just need to harden those off by placing them in a shaded area for several hours for a couple of days and limit the full outdoor sun they get until you have done this. Simple and common mistake and it happens with all indoor started vegetables as well. When I was into serious gardening, I built a hardening off shelter out of old storm windows.


I saw from the other cross post that you are in the San Diego area. That is such a great area for growing. Don’t give up on it. It’s really not that hard. Why do you think they call it weed? Haha.

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Im originally from Dago and to be honest I also had a hard time with clones I purchased. I didn’t give up trying to grow and Im no pro but definitely getting better. Just my opinion but it was actually easier for me to grow from seed.I am on my 3rd grow now and about to harvest in a week and I have to say my buds are looking better and fuller. Its a learning process. I have a vipar spectra 300w LED in a 2x2x4 tent with 2 small fans and my nutes are dynagro veg and bloom. Cant tell you what strain these are my nephew sent me some seeds he had laying around but it appears they are all different. BTW, im new here so as I said NOT a PRO but hope I gave you some info that can help you out. Oh and my soil is Happy Frog

Forgot to attach a photo, sorry.

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you may need to just give them an hour or so of direct sunlight for a few weeks. and mist the leaves and stalk (ph’d water no chlorine) to give the root system to develop fully. a small root system can’t get enough water to the leaves to help cool plant.

One thing I forgot to mention is I use nothing but tap water but I take some Rapid start root enhancer and I put about 2 drops in a gallon of water and water my plants with that once they have developed 2 nodes. That actually helps with strong roots. Once they seem fine you can stop using the rapid start or you can add 2 more drops per gallon of water for a total of 4 drops do not exceed that and your plants will grow with strong roots. Rapid start directions is 20 drops per 5 gallons of water. I just never fill my watering bottles with that much water as I grow indoors and I use fresh water and nute mix for every watering. Hope this helps.

how are those clones holding up

Thanks for asking! Heres an update. Clone #1

Clone #2 As you can see I stressed clone #2 to see if I could thicken her stem. (thanks to Robert) we’ll see if this makes a difference ! But they both are flowering and looking great!

looking good dont forget to use fertilizer for blooming now