Homegrown complete!

Need some thoughts on my buds from the Trainwreck strain I grew. I finished the trimming today. Started trimming yesterday, still felt they were slightly wet but was doable so went ahead to trimming. I ended up not finishing (boy is trimming tedious…) and finished the rest today. I think the buds came out great all honesty. Just wanted community opinion and advice on my buds.

A little purple in some buds from the cool temps when lights went out! I actually like it.


Looks good man

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The pleasures of trim jail…great grow :bat: :rofl: :vulcan_salute:

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Congrats nice looking bud

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Looks great to me now ur just got to cure it properly now

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I have them curing at 55-60% currently with a boveda pack in each jar and a little space up top to allow for breathing room. I was gonna do the grove bag but it’s for 1 pound vs 3-4 Oz lol! So jars it was.

awesome growmie, congrats on your own hard earned grown smoke.

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Congrats on a harvest! :farmer:

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I would wait w the bodeva until after the burping and curing.

Trimming is tedious … you’d think it was fun being at the finish line but not so much. go figure

Well done I trim cleanly too.

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I got so tired of the tedious hand trimming that I bought a bowl trimmer. Saves hours, and does a pretty damn good job. Can’t tell much difference once they’re dried and cured.


I am definitely buying one of those. This was not a fun process what so ever. I had a small yield and it still took me 1-2 days to trim lol but all in one sitting. total of 7 hours of trimming my small yield. Happy that the tedious work is done :joy:

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Grove bags do pound bags and ounce bags aswell

Those look delicious man! :drooling_face:

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I agree. And it works out to about 1.5 hours trimming per equivalent dry oz. for me.