Holy brown spot Batman!

I don’t thank there is enough in there to carry a plant through flower and i thought i read you switched to tiger bloom and big bloom

I did, but switched back because I have not had a chance to buy Dolomite Lime. Two plants, one I think is ready for harvest. She started outside and I stunted her growth several times so not much yield. What do you think about my Tri’s danniep?

Calmag will not fix the issue immediately. Takes time, and old leafs will not recover. You got atleast 3 more weeks to me based on pistils.

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Definitely some CalMag issues, I had same thing on my first grow. Just feed it what you can and keep it going, if it’s anything like my grow it won’t get better but you should be fine. Mine turned out amazing even though the leaves looked like crap by harvest.

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Thank you, that was actually very helpful. I was wondering if I could limp along without cola damage. I think I corrected the deficiency but as you said she wont be pretty.

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Alot of your trichomes pictures are of the sugar leafs they mature faster than actual bud. I thank you have a few more weeks